Virtual Process + Response Training
3D Gaming Effect Cyber Range
Red/Blue Onsite Game Events + Training

Immersive Real-World Environment

The ThreatGENVR Cyber Range is a digital twin of your physical industrial environment, down to every pipe and control system. Input settings into realistic Control Systems which allows your HSE team train on true cause and effect impact analysis, all without endangering your workers. 

Engaging 3D Gaming Effect

Offer a super cool training environment that breaks the rule of boring. Keep your students and event participants fully-enthralled with the system, encouraging higher retention of the information. Become a progressive company with forward-thinking training tools. 


The Only Available 100% Portable Virtual Reality Industrial Cyber-Physical Range for Physical Threat Response Training, Process Improvement, and Team Events.


VR, Desktop, or Cloud Mode

Portable ICS Cyber Range does not require a stationary lab. Take your training or event to the field, in a classroom, or table-top exercise event. Real-working control systems can be connected for training new operators and to test new processes and threats.

Realistic Control Systems

Walk, climb, and even enter settings into integrated control systems. The realistic 3D industrial environment literally comes to life in an instant. Train on new process and compliance regulations, before you send your team to the field. 


Compliance | Safety | Security
HSE, Security, and IR teams can now offer response and security training in a safe and realistic digital twin of your facility for an engaging learning experience.


Red/Blue Team | Table-Top | Capture the Flag (CTF)
Advance your image with employees and team members with a Cyber Range Training Event. We can take care of all the details for you, from designing the training curriculum to facilitating the training exercises.


Chemical Plants

Oil and Gas


Electric Utilities

Water Treatment

Food & Beverage





We Offer a Full-Spectrum of ICS Advanced Threat Modelling Services:

  • Build "Digital Twin" Cyber Ranges
  • Map Process to Your Cyber Ranges
  • Create Training Documentation
  • Facilitate Training
  • Develop Custom Training Curriculum 
  • About the Derezzed ICS Lab

    Hacking Exposed

    Book "Hacking Exposed", authored by Derezzed ICS Lab Founder,
    Clint Bodungen

    Derezzed Lab is one of two subsidiary companies under Derezzed LLC. Derezzed Lab serves as the ICS (Industrial Control Systems) cybersecurity arm, while Derezzed Development serves as the overall research and development arm, not specific to ICS or cybersecurity.


    The Derezzed LLC. mission is to use advanced, cutting edge technology in creative ways (thinking "outside of the box") to solve unique and perplexing problems. 

    This is exemplified in our flagship products, PhysicsGENvr and ThreatGENvr Industrial Cyber Range. ThreatGENvr uses computer gaming engine technology, leveraged by the real-world physics simulation capabilities of PhysicsGENvr, to create realistic, immersive 3D and virtual reality environments for simulations and problem solving in ways that would be too difficult, if not impossible, in real life. For example, ThreatGENvr can simulate all of the physical field equipment of an entire industrial environment such as a refinery, connect to real-world digital equipment such as PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), and accurately replicate actual real-world industrial processes. Such simulations allow for use cases like safety testing and training, security testing and training, penetration testing, impact analysis, and many more to a degree of realism, accuracy, and scale that could never be accomplished in a small physical lab, or to the degree of safety that can't be accomplished on production systems.

    The name Derezzed is a tip of the hat to Disney's "Tron" and the sequel, "Tron Legacy". Fictional movies about the original computer-based world, personified. In the movie, the term "derezzed" is used when a program "dies", essentially resulting in deletion. So, why use that term? We'd like to tell you there is some grand existential philosophical reason for it... but the fact is we just thought it was cool..



    ThreatGEN Red/Blue will be revealed at the HOU.SEC.CON on April 4, 2018 in Houston Texas.